Programs for Hang Tough Families

Our vision to build a community among our families who are on a journey with childhood illness or special needs and to support and encourage them along the way, is made possible through the programs and services that we provide.

We Are Hang Tough.

Building Strength.

Inspiring Hope.

Together, We Hang Tough.

Support Groups

Support groups provide parents and caregivers an opportunity to take some time for themselves whether through group therapy facilitated by a Licensed Therapist. Additional classes like exercise classes and parenting workshops are provided on a rotating basis.

Care and Family Needs

Our CARE Team is a group of community members who are matched with families.  The CARE Team may provide help at home, make one meal a month, or attend a Hero’s extracurricular events.  CARE Team provides a personal touch through support and community building.

Individual care packages are sent to families during times of need (i.e. surgeries, major life events, etc.). These packages provide  a sense of community and support during a traumatic or difficult time.  

Parent’s Night Out

Parent’s Night Out is a time for Hang Tough parents and caregivers to reconnect with one another or simply do something on their own, completely for themselves. While parent’s are away, Hang Tough volunteers provide meaningful activities for our Heroes and Sidekicks.

Family Fun Events

Family Fun events are free to Hang Tough families and a low-stress way for the whole family to do something together.  It’s also a great opportunity for families to socialize with one another and to build community. 


Hang Tough Foundation partners with Tutors for Tally to provide professional tutoring to Hang Tough Heroes and Sidekicks.  Families pay a copay on a sliding scale and Hang Tough Foundation covers the remaining cost.  

Students complete an assessment at the beginning and end of each semester as a way to track progress and to monitor success.

Sidekick Sibling Support

Sidekicks are the siblings of Heroes.  Sidekicks experience all of the ups and downs of their Heroes diagnosis and deserve special time with their parents.  Sidekicks Day is just for Sidekicks to reconnect without the distraction of their Hero. 

Teen Hang Out

Teen Hangout is a community in itself for teens in middle and high school. Through planned events, we provide a safe and supportive environment where teens can express themselves freely and without judgment. Teens can engage in various activities and workshops while meeting other teens at the same time. 

School Supplies

Hang Tough distributes essential educational materials to selected families to ensure that our Heroes and Sidekicks have access to the tools that they need to succeed in their studies and to start the year off on the right foot.

Santa Day

Santa Day is one of the most favored events at Hang Tough. Santa Day is a way for our families to create magical moments with their children in a private, stress-free environment, tailored to fit the needs of each child. Gone are the long lines and crowded malls – instead, children can enjoy one-on-one time with Santa, allowing them to feel at ease and truly connect with the jolly old man himself. Santa is trained to be patient, understanding, and accommodating to the needs of each child, ensuring that every interaction is positive and memorable.

Special Interest Grants

Special interest grants are designed to help further provide assistance to Hang Tough Families. Our grants cover a wide range of needs and activities and are awarded based on need and availability of goods and services requested. Our grants are designed to enhance the well-being and inclusion of our Hang Tough Families facing unique challenges.