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We're Growing Our Roots Deep into our Community

While the Hang Tough Foundation is a young organization, we have already planted deep roots in our local community and in our mission to serve the families of children with life-altering illnesses and special needs. We invite you to explore and learn more about us.

Get to know our mission, vision, and history.
Meet our Staff Members and Board of Directors.
Learn what it means to be a Hang Tough Hero, Sidekick and Family.
Find out more about our wide variety of programs, services and community projects.




    Monthly Caregiver Support Groups led by licensed social workers while we take care of the heroes and sidekicks.

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    Offered quarterly, Parents Night Out is a time where our parents and caregivers can drop their child(ren) with Hang Tough volunteers and enjoy an evening out.

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    When it comes to supporting our heroes, we know there’s no one that knows how to do that better than their siblings… their sidekicks!

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We encourage and enable our Hero Families to hang tough by offering customized and curated services and programming free of charge. You can learn more about each dynamic and unique program below.

Our Hang Tough Heroes


Brianna had her very first seizure in April of 2008 at the age of three. After much testing & blood work, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Epilepsy is very unpredictable, especially when she doesn’t always have any triggers that warn her about them coming. Some days are better than others health wise for Brianna. She may go days without having a seizure at all, then she may have days where she has one or two daily.

Hang Tough is a fabulous & caring organization. It truly feels like a part of our family! It allows us to be able to open up with other parents, & caregivers, within the foundation who have the same or similar struggles we have in dealing with epilepsy- from giving suggestions, helping us out in times of need, sharing recent experiences, having discussions on topics, & giving us time for ourselves while HTF watches our children, it helps us cope with this so much easier!