Leadership Positions

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are our core workforce during programming and community events, but they can also serve very specific needs of our organization. Leadership positions are also available within our Board of Directors, Committees of Advisors, as well as Committee Members.

Available positions within our organization are listed below and job descriptions can be found by clicking on the job title!

Board of Directors:  Contact Ryan Kline, Nomination Committee Chair-  [email protected] or feel free to fill out our Board Member Application.

Family Relations Team:  Contact Catherine Deininger, Program Manager-  [email protected]

Giveaway Coordinator, Committee Member

Volunteer Coordinator, Committee Member

Family Engagement Coordinator, Committee Member

Finance Team:  Contact Delia Finnerty, Board Treasurer- [email protected]

 Finance Chair, Committee Member

Fund Development Team:  Contact Traylor McNeill Toulon, Director of Development-  [email protected]

Third Party Fundraising Coordinator, Committee of Advisor

Corporate Sponsor Outreach Coordinator, Committee of Advisor

Organizational Structure

Board Member Roles

Board Members collectively guide the business of Hang Tough Foundation. Our Board currently is striving to transition from a “working” board to a “governing” board. Currently, most Board Members have a specific job description yet as we move towards a governing board we are seeking general board members. This is our top-tier of volunteer leadership.

Committee of Advisor Roles

Committee Members in leadership roles in which they have specific responsibilities to carry out. This is a position that is usually held prior to applying for a Board position, but is not always required. These members serves as our second tier of volunteer leadership.

Committee Members

Committee Members that have a smaller role, sometimes with a specific job description, but other times serves a generic role to help where necessary. This is our third tier of volunteer leadership.