OUR VISION hang tough house
Our vision is to take care of an entire family that has a child affected by a chronic or life altering illness or special needs in the Big Bend area. A physical, mental, and financial reprieve designed to provide resources, support, hope and encouragement to our clients.

Play Area

-Cleaned with hospital grade antibacterial cleaners

-Only other immunocompromised children are permitted

-Only symptom free children playing


Sibling Support Groups/Activities


Family Support Groups/Networking


Mommy/Daddy and Me Classes

-Parent and child fun activities, not medical treatment

-Fosters healthy parent/child relationship


Parent’s Night Out

-Doors are opened for children to be cared for by trained personal

-Cultivates adult relationships


Therapists and Counselors

-Couples Therapy, Play Therapy, Sibling Therapy, etc.

-Strengthens mental health for all involved


Tutors/School Work Assistance

-Helps children who are chronically absent from school remain on track academically

-Addresses treatment related side effects and learning disabilities


Community Advocacy and Awareness


Parent/Family Education

Pre and post procedures

-What to expect after diagnosis? During treatment? After treatment?

-Q & A sessions with parents and medical personnel


Social Work Provider


Financial Counselors


Health and Nutrition Classes


Grief Support


Medically Trained Consultant

-Assists with “nursing knowledge” for at home care


A refuge, outlet, and a support system encouraging families facing childhood medical crisis to “Hang Tough.”


1400 Village Square Blvd #3-272, Tallahassee, Florida 32312



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